Speedway Tech Talk - How to Measure for a Racing Suit


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Frank G. from EMi joined up with Jeremy from Speedway Motors to demonstrate how to properly measure for a race suit. Frank opens up with a few tips, such as making sure you have a soft tape measure and taking a deep breath before recording measurements.

Featured in Frank’s article are Racing Suits available at Speedway Motors.

Throughout the video, Frank goes over taking measurements on the following:

With this information, you can refer to the sizing charts listed below to select the suit that will fit and protect you the best. Frank mentions that in the video, Jeremy didn’t fit the suit correctly in all areas due to his measurements. In this instance, Frank suggests selecting the next larger size.

Bell Racing Suit Size Chart
Sparco Racing Suit Size Chart
Simpson Racing Suit Size Chart
Impact Racing Suit Size Chart
FinishLine Racing Suit Size Chart
G-Force Size Chart

With the correct size of suit you need, now it’s a matter of finding the right one for you. For that purpose, you can browse the large selection of racing suits available at Speedway Motors by clicking here.

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Article Credit: Frank Galusha

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Speedway Tech Talk - How to Measure for a Racing Suit
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